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Aquatic Plants

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True Aquatic Plants In Store


Plant list as of 17/11/2017
All in store and all ‘True Aquatic’.


Aponogeton - Crispus - Green Form

Aponogeton - Crispus - Red Form
Corymbosa - Broad
Corymbosa - Kompact
Ludwigia - Rubra ‘Super Red’
Water sprite 
Lace fern
Hygrophila - Green
Hygrophila - Variegated 
Hygrophila - Willow
Val - Medium
Val - Contortionist 
Blue stricta
Cardamine - Lyrata
Ludwigia - Repens
Banana Lillie
Anubia - Barteri 
Anubia - Hybrid
Amazon Sword
Red Ozelot Sword
Crypt Balansae
Crypt Lucens
Crypt Mi Oya
Crypt Undulatus Red
Crypt Walkeri
Crypt Petchii
Crypt Wendtii Green

Crypt - Mixed Punnets
Lobelia Cardinalis
Eriocaulon Sp. Shiga
Hydrocotle Mini Japan
Hair Grass
Hair Grass - Belem
Monte Carlo
Pogostemon Helferi
Blyxa Aubertii
Java - Regular 
Java - Narrow
Java - Windelov
Lotus Lily - Red
Lotus Lily - Try Colour
Riccia Fluitans
Moss - Christmas 
Moss - Mini Pellia
Moss - Phoenix 
Moss - Peacock 
Moss - Java
Wabi Kasu - U.G. 
Wabi Kasu - M.U.
Wabi Kasu - Dwarf Hair Grass ‘Belem’

Tissue Culture Plants
Staurogyne Repens
Crypt - Lutea
Each. Quadricostatus
Alternanthera Reineckii - Mini
Riccia Fluitans
Hair Grass - Dwarf
Lobelia - Cardinalis 
Pogostemon- Helferi 
Floscopa - Scandens
Bacopa - Monnieri
Pennywort - Green
Cyperus - Helferi 
Rotala - Colorata

Anubia On Wood available in 5 sizes.

Wabi Kusa

Wabi Kusa - ready to place in an aquarium or terrarium

  • Lilaepsis
  • Riccia Fluitans
  • Hemianthus Micranthemoides
  • Hermianthus Callitrichoides
  • Monte Carlo - Cuba

Wabi-Kusa is a beautifully handcrafted high end product any enthusiast will love. Average size is around 5-6 cm depending on particular plants used. They are packed with beneficial nutrients for optimal growth, which also means they can exist in both immersed - Terrarium - and submersed -  Aquarium arrangements without falling apart.