Fish and Feather

At Fish & Feather We Have A Large Range Of Birds

Here is a current list of what you will find in store - updated 01/06/2017




  • Gouldian $120pr purple breast.
  • White breasted Yellow backed gouldian $70.00 ea
  • Australian yellow gouldians $199.oo pr
  • Cordon bleu $240.00pr
  • Pied cordon bleu $375.00pr
  • African fire finch $40.00 male $95.00 female.
  • Pied african fires $169.00 pr.
  • Mannikin finch $21.00ea
  • Black nuns $235.00 pair
  • Cuban finch $170.00 pair
  • Cut throat finch $99.00 pair
  • Red faced star finch $95.00 pr.
  • Yellow faced star finch $80.00 pr
  • Red faced parrot finch $90.00 ea
  • Double barred finch $90.00 ea
  • Emblemma finch $90.00 pr
  • St helena finch $189.00 pr
  • Zebra finch $10.00 ea
  • Charcoal zebra finch $12.00 ea.
  • Gold finch $21.00 ea.



  • Red factor $70.00 ea
  • Border fancy $55.00 ea
  • Mixed colours $60.00 ea


  • Kakariki parrots green $150.00 pr
  • Pied $240.00 pr
  • Yellow $325.00 pr.
  • Eastern Rosella $299.00pr
  • Red rumped parrot $80.00pr
  • Elegant parrots normals $79.00 ea. Pied $99.00 ea.
  • Bourke parrots $49.00 ea
  • Scarlett parrots normals $90.00 male $110.00 female.
  • Blue $299.00 pair.
  • Indian Ringnecks yellow$120.00 ea
  • White $270.00pr
  • Pastel $270.00pr
  • Rainbow $399.00pr
  • Alexanderines $580.00pr
  • Cockatiels grey $39.00ea
  • Pied pearl cinnamon $69.00ea
  • White faced $89.00 ea.
  • Lovebirds green peachface$69.00pr
  • Dutch blue $69.00pr
  • Violet $60.00 ea.
  • Fischer green $66.00 ea
  • Masked green blue white $66.00ea


Hand reared parrots

  • Sun conure $899.00
  • Kakariki $375.00
  • Crimson bellied conure $599.00
  • Green cheek conure $350.00
  • Quaker $599.00
  • Cockatiels $180.00
  • Lutino lorikeet $749.00



  • Baby $45.00 (any colour)
  • Adults $30 green, $35 blue
  • Pied spangled or any other colour $40.00
  • English or club rung birds $40.00.



  • Diamond doves $36.00 ea



  • Californian quail $180.00 pr
  • Japanese quail $21.00 ea
  • King quail $20.00 hen $15.00 cock.


All of our birds are wormed sprayed for lice.

They are fed a variety of foods. Egg and biscuit, freshly sprouted seeds with d nutrical supplement daily.

A range of VetaFarm and Living World pellets depending on the type of bird.

Good quality seed and clean grit daily.


*Prices subject to change without notice. 

Exra Information

Fish and Feather have a huge range of birds in store. Our staff have ongoing training to keep up to date with information and products relating to the health and care of your birds.

When you buy a bird from Fish and Feather we can guarantee that the bird:

  • Has been regularly treated for mites and lice
  • Has been regularly treated for worms

 Has been feed high quality seeds, pellet mixes, sprouts or fresh fruit and vegies and egg and biscuit mix on a daily basis.

  • Has been supplied with UVB lighting to ensure calcium absorption

All our birds are given health checks to make sure you never:

  • Buy a bird that is under weight
  • Buy a bird that has poor feather condition
  • Buy a bird that has any signs of diarrhea
  • Buy a bird with mites and lice, worms, scaley or air sac mite

All of our exotic parrots such as Macaws, Eclectus, African Greys and Amazons are tested for:

  • Conformation of sex
  • Chlamydia
  • Psittacosis
  • Polyoma

We use and recommend Burwood Bird and Animal Hospital

Bird Boarding Service

Fish and Feather offers a Bird Boarding service to save you the hassle of finding someone to look after your birds when you go on holidays or business trips.

See our friendly staff in store for more details.

Wildlife Licence Application

Click the link below to download the wildlife licence application form.

Private Wildlife Licence Application Form and Species List